Millions of people deal with complete tooth loss in the United States. Suffering from the loss of all your teeth is a difficult experience—but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Thanks to dentures from Dr. Todd Goldstein, you can have your full smile restored to you, along with your confidence and normal lifestyle!

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices made to replace teeth for patients missing many or all of their teeth. Dentures may be supported by the soft and hard tissues of the mouth or by dental implants placed in the jawbone.

Dr. Goldstein can make dentures completely customized to your face and smile; either traditional or implant-supported dentures are available depending on your needs and preferences.

Types of Dentures With Dr. Todd Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein offers the following types of dentures to his patients:

  • Custom: Custom dentures are removable dentures made tailored to your unique needs—if you need a full set of teeth or partial sets of teeth. These differ from traditional dentures in that they will be custom-made for your unique mouth.
  • Traditional: Traditional dentures are usually full sets of prosthetic teeth patients can put in and take out at will.
  • Implant Supported: Implant-supported dentures are held firmly in place with implants affixed to certain specific areas of the mouth. These types of dentures can be removable or permanent for easy care.

No matter which style of dentures you choose, Dr. Goldstein will handle your dental needs with care and excellence.

Benefits of Dentures

Missing teeth can be a trying experience. Dentures can change that by offering the following benefits:

  • Support of Facial Muscles: Lacking in teeth often means lacking in facial support. Dentures change that by adding structure to your face.
  • Renewed Ability to Eat: Dentures enable patients who otherwise couldn’t be able to chew and eat food again.
  • Improved Ability to Talk: Having your teeth is important for clear speech and communication. Dentures make that possible.
  • Ease of Use: Whether you choose traditional or implant-supported dentures, they are both easy to clean and care for.

Restoring your teeth can restore more than just your smile—it restores your way of life. Call or schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Goldstein today for help restoring your smile.

Find Out More About Denture Options With Dr. Todd Goldstein

Curious to learn more about the denture options Dr. Goldstein offers? Contact him today to learn more! You can also schedule a virtual consultation to discuss all your smile restoration needs.